• What to expect on your next move

    Your free quote

    Soon after contacting Tiger Moving you will be given a free quote. In order to get an accurate estimate, we ask for pictures of all rooms or items that will be moved. If you are not able to send them, a mover will come out and take them for you. These typically take no longer than 2 hours to get back to you.

    Wrapping your furniture

    All furniture that can be scratched and dented is wrapped with our professional moving blankets. 

    Packing your small belongings

    Objects that can fit in boxes will be most likely be packed. We provide wrapping paper, tape, and boxes. No need to worry about your china cabinet of super fragile items. They will be packed and cushioned accordingly.

    Labeling boxes

    Labeling will help the movers efficiency. If you have plans of where items will be going at your unload let us know and our movers will label for you.

    Taking apart furniture

    Items such as dressers with mirrors, bed frames, or long tables will need to be broken down. This is to ensure we can get everything out of doors but more importantly, it provides safer transportation. Screws and other hardware will be kept in bags attached to the item.

    Setting up furniture to your liking

    Once everything is in your home, the movers will walk with you throughout the rooms and make sure your furniture is set up the way you want it.